DynaVibe Prop Balancing User Testimonials

"We recently had the prop overhauled on our RV-3, and that included new blades and some work on the hub – so I expected that we’d need to re-balance it...we borrowed a Dynavibe Classic from a friend, and hooked things up. Sure enough, we were off by 0.40 IPS on the first try – nor horrible, shake your teeth rough, but certainly not where we’d like it. A couple of runs brought us back inside the generic target of 0.10, and since it was cold and starting to rain, we quit at 0.050 IPS...I took her out this morning for the first time since he weather had cleared, and the difference was once again remarkable! It’s the old (probably apocryphal) problem of boiling the frog – if you gradually turn up the heat, it doesn’t know that the temperature is rising. With a slight degradation over time, we don’t realize we are losing balance. Then we reset, and all the smooth magic is back!"

- Paul Dye, Editor-in-Chief, Kitplanes Magazine

"The big enemy of operations like ours is what it costs to keep planes in the air. Long term, we don’t fully know what the maintenance benefits are, but even cutting these costs by just 10 percent would pay for the DynaVibe system three times over. The pilots were thrilled with how the yoke feels after we balance an airplane. They noticed a difference immediately."

- Dennis Barker, President, Reynolds Aviation

"It [DynaVibe] will help pull more business in, I’ll get more work off of it, but the customer gets something too – a measurable difference in the performance of their airplane... I can see a half-per vibration using the DynaVibe, and know that it’s caused by a combustion problem. That information eliminates other vibration sources and narrows it down to the specific problem I need to address. That’s a home run. When servicing an airplane, I don’t need to go down as many rabbit trails."

- Brian Smith, Owner, Stillwater Aircraft Services

"I spent the day yesterday fabricating a good mounting bracket, and then balanced a friend's Thorpe T-18. My friend and I were absolutely stunned at the result! I am not sure what I was expecting, but the result is truly amazing! What a fantastic thing this DynaVibe is. I now have three more friends demanding the same results!"

- Mike Melvill, Pilot, SpaceShipOne

"Wow, I can't believe the difference! I didn't realize how rough my ride was, assuming that much of the vibration was coming straight from the engine. But, when Brian Wallis worked his DynaVibe magic on my prop, the airplane really smoothed out. Cross-country is so much less fatiguing now, and it's obvious that there's less stress on the airplane. Thanks, Brian!"

- Elgin Wells, "Starjammer"

“My EAA chapter has one of these. Made a huge difference in smoothness at all RPMs!”

- Matthew Kwiatkowski

“We started at 0.9 IPS and ended up at ZERO!!! The owner says that he can no longer feel any high frequency vibrations in his flight controls. He is very happy!

You guys are awesome!”

- Brian Wallis, Wallis Aviation

“My RV6 is sooooo much smoother now. Even at the lower RPM's there is a big difference. The run up is so smooth now. The best analogy I can think of is like getting new tires for the car. Even though it did not seem real rough before, afterward it is so smooth. I think I even gained 30-40 rpm on top end.”

- Mike Norton, KY

“I bought one of your balancers directly from you and to start off I love this piece of equipment! It is great! After balancing a couple of props I have it down to were I can judge how much weight to add so I get down to less than 0.1 IPS in just a couple of runs. ”

- Alan Walewski, A&P/IA

“Our company produces high performance Turbine and piston powered aircraft with speeds that easily exceed 300 knots. We needed a precision dynamic prop balancer that was simple, quick, easy to use and affordable. We found that in the DynaVibe. The DynaVibe has now enabled us to extend our business services to include dynamic prop balancing for all propeller driven aircraft.”

- Mike Custard, Advanced Aviation, Inc.

“With the DynaVibe you can eliminate annoying and destructive vibration and keep your aircraft almost as smooth as a turbine. I've found the unit to be very easy to use and well worth the remarkably low price. Control surface hinges, instruments, engine components, comfort level, etc. all benefit from a balanced engine/prop/spinner and at this price you no longer have to hire a professional every time you want to dynamically balance your prop. The DynaVibe staff has been extraordinarily helpful in answering any questions I've had. Highly recommended.”

-Mike Stirewalt, KSEE

“"I believe I have the engine balanced now. The DynaVibe shows 0.00 IPS. That's an average over about 5 seconds, not just a snapshot, taken at 8000' where the air was smooth and the view was superb.

You guys just don't know what you're missing...”

-Mark Langford

“"I used the prop balancer on the plane in Cameroon. It worked great! I got it dialed in and the missionary said that he noticed a big reduction in vibration. Thanks for your help!”

-Don Wright, Gospel Flight

“"The DynaVibe is not only top notch equipment, Mike and his crew at RPX Technologies are top notch in customer support!”

-Doug Mueller, Black Mountain Flying Service

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