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DynaVibe GX2 system for dynamic prop balancing and vibration surveys

Balance & Troubleshoot

The RPX DynaVibe GX2 is a dynamic prop balancing system with full vibration analysis capability!

Ideal for certified A&P mechanics, repair stations and service centers, the DynaVibe GX2 prop balancer makes quick work of aircraft propeller balancing and pinpointing vibration sources when balancing isn't enough.

Aircraft vibration has a wide range of sources, often a simple mass imbalance of the propeller assembly. Even statically balanced props can vibrate and still need dynamic balancing, as it is virtually impossible to balance and perfectly mount every rotating component. In fact, the simple act of remounting a prop can create a mass imbalance due to slight alignment changes. The GX2 graphically guides you through the dynamic propeller balancing process, and automatically calculates a weight solution in the minimum number of runups.

When propeller balancing alone doesn't resolve vibrations, use the DynaVibe GX2 to conduct a vibration survey. Identifying the source of a vibration is the first step toward fixing it, and a DynaVibe GX2 vibration survey simplifies finding and fixing all types of vibration problems. The GX2 can can distinguish between a prop imbalance versus a weak cylinder, propwash induced buffeting, alternator imbalance, and many other sources of vibration.

Fewer Balancing Runups

The GX2 is an intelligent balancing solution.

It automatically calculates a weight solution

and indicates where to add it for the best

results with a minimum number of runups!

GX2 indicating that a mass split of 28.1g is needed on bolt 4 and 5.

Graphical instructions quickly guide you through the process while the GX2 calculates the precise solution.

Powerful Analysis

Full spectral analysis at a fraction of the price!

Unbalanced prop? Weak cylinder?

Unbalanced alternator?

Now you can tell the difference.

(H)alf per= Engine Roughness (weak cylinder) every other rotation
1 per= Prop Vibration at primary frequency
2 per = wash from wing hitting 2 blade pusher prop
2.6 per= alternator imbalance (determined by pulley ratio of 2.6)


Different problems require different approaches.

The DynaVibe GX can be configured

to gather the information you need to

diagnose and correct complex

vibration issues.

TotalVibe mode:
X Axis = RPM, Y Axis = Vibration
Peaks indicate resonance RPMs
where vibrations are magnified.

How often does an aircraft feel
balanced at one RPM and not
another? A quick runup in this
mode could give the answer.

Two channel mode:
Horizontal/Lateral, Front/Back
Whatever the situation calls for,
in half the time.

Hit Print

Easily document the process.

Reports are exported on a memory card

Reports show setup, mass adjustments,

final spectral analysis

and more...

DynaVibe GX2 Kit

Amazing Price!

Complete kit just $3,995

Including everything* you need for advanced vibration analaysis:

DynaVibe GX2 Meter, 2 Accelerometers, Optical Tach, Reflective tape,

Instruction Manual, and Carrying Case.

*Note: Each ship requires an easily fabricated sensor mounting bracket

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What DynaVibe customers are saying:

"The DynaVibe GX2 worked brilliantly!!! I went from 0.8 IPS to 0.06 IPS. Massive difference. It is very easy to use and works very well. Nice product, well done! "

- Dr. Russell Phillips - Whisper Aircraft

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