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Reduce Vibration

The RPX DynaVibe Classic is a cost-effective way to eliminate the largest contributor of aircraft-damaging vibration: propeller imbalance.

Ideal for aircraft owners, drone operators, kit builders and small service shops, the DynaVibe Classic prop balancer precisely detects how out-of-balance your propeller is, and tells you exactly where to make adjustments, making propeller balancing easy.

Aircraft vibration is more than a nuisance – it damages the engine, airframe and instruments. Using the DynaVibe Classic propeller balancer you can eliminate the vibration, reducing fatigue on aircraft passengers and components to get a smoother, safer flying experience. There’s no simpler, more affordable way to dynamically balance a propeller.

Why Balance

Airframe fatigue cracks continue to grow
Avionics are continually stressed and fail prematurely
Vibration damage to props can be extremely dangerous
Spinner backplates can be damaged from a spinner imbalance

Aircraft vibration isn't just uncomfortable, it constantly damages all parts of the aircraft including the engine, airframe and avionics.

Fact: Piston engines vibrate. But you may be surprised by how much of this vibration is from propeller assembly imbalance and not from combustion.

Although most props are statically balanced at the factory, once installed on an aircraft vibration is induced by imbalance and the slightest misalignment of any part of the rotating assembly. This includes the spinner, propeller, prop mounting hardware, starter ring, crank and everything else that rotates when the engine is running. Even the slightest mass imbalance in any of these components can be felt throughout the aircraft and puts an enormous strain on the engine and instrumentation.

To correct these vibrations the entire assembly must be dynamically balanced. Fortunately, the process is simple using the DynaVibe.

To balance the prop assembly, two sensors are mounted on the engine: an optical tachometer and an accelerometer. The DynaVibe prop balancer then analyzes the vibration signals from these sensors while the engine is running at cruise RPM and displays the information needed to correct the mass imbalance. Mass adjustments are then made to the assembly (usually washers under spinner bolts) and the process is repeated a few times until the vibration reading is below 0.1 IPS (inches per second). more >

The difference before and after balancing is surprising to most pilots. Once balanced, your plane may feel like an entirely different aircraft. Testimonials >

It's Simple

Watch our YouTube Video to learn the basics in just a few minutes.

"After balancing a couple of props I have it down to were I can judge how much weight to add so I get down to less than 0.1 IPS in just a couple of runs. ”- Alan Walewski, A&P/IA

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Complete kit just $1,495

Including everything you need to get started*:

Meter, Accelerometer, Optical Tach, Reflective tape, Instruction Manual, and Carrying Case

*Note: Each engine type requires an easily fabricated sensor mounting bracket

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What DynaVibe customers are saying:

"I spent the day yesterday fabricating a good mounting bracket, and then balanced a friend's Thorpe T-18. My friend and I were absolutely stunned at the result! I am not sure what I was expecting, but the result is truly amazing! What a fantastic thing this DynaVibe is. I now have three more friends demanding the same results!"

- Mike Melvill, Pilot, SpaceShipOne

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