DynaVibe Classic Balancer for Rotorcraft

Correct Rotor Vibrations

The Rotorcraft (helicopter and gyrocopter) version of the DynaVibe Classic is a

low cost tool that measures the vibration magnitude and phase needed

to make main-rotor adjustments using your manufacturer's polar charts.

Simply measure in a hover and/or forward flight, and look up the

corrective actions recommended in your maintenance manual for

balance, track, lead/lag, and head-shifts.

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The Rotor Version of the DynaVibe Classic

can also be used to balance tail-rotors

and even propellers for fixed wing aircraft!

What DynaVibe customers are saying:

" I purchased a rotor balancing system called DynaVibe. Matt (with RPX) helped me to have the smoothest blades I have ever had on 30ft blades. I will recommend your system to everyone I meet. "

-Brent Drake, Gyroplane Instructor

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Additional accelerometer and remote switch not shown in photograph.


Complete kit just $1,995

Including everything you need to get started*:

Meter, 2 Accelerometers (hover + forward flight), Optical Tach, Reflective tape,

Instruction Manual (using Rotorway for examples),

a remote averaging switch and Carrying Case.

*Note: Each ship requires a easily fabricated sensor mounting brackets

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