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 Monday, October 05, 2015

At RPX Technologies, we routinely hear stories from service centers, shops, or repair stations that use DynaVibe to deliver service.  These stories have a common theme:  using DynaVibe to offer dynamic balancing service brings in more business, generates greater profit, and increases customer satisfaction.

It doesn’t take much balancing work to create a fast payback on purchasing a DynaVibe GX2 system for balancing and vibration analysis.  Just doing three dynamic balancing jobs per month provides payback in less than 5 months and adds almost $7,000 in profit during the first year.  The following table summarizes the DynaVibe business case:

Under the same balancing workload assumption of three jobs per month, opting for a DynaVibe Classic provides payback in less than two months and delivers over $9,300 in first year profit!

It’s typical for a shop that uses DynaVibe to complete a prop balancing assessment for every airplane that comes in for service.  If the prop is out of balance, owners are given the option to have it dynamically balanced, and often they accept.  What’s also typical is that once a shop begins offering dynamic balancing service, owners will bring their planes in for that reason alone, and often other maintenance issues will surface during the visit. 

Shops, service centers and repair stations that use DynaVibe to offer dynamic prop balancing enjoy a number of benefits:

  • Dynamic balancing is a great “calling card” that attracts business to the shop.
  • Customers are often amazed at how smooth their airplane flies after balancing.  DynaVibe helps create very satisfied, loyal customers.
  • In addition to prop balancing, the DynaVibe GX2 can identify other vibrations from other, more complex sources.
  • Offering dynamic prop balancing improves the status and credibility of the shop or service center.
  • DynaVibe is an excellent preventative maintenance tool, allowing mechanics to get baseline vibration surveys for comparison during future maintenance.

The DynaVibe system is easy and economical to use, adding profit to the bottom line.  To learn about using DynaVibe to dynamically balance propellers, enter your email address below, visit the RPX Technologies website, or call:  469.708.8779.

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