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Case Study: Base Leg Aviation

 Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Dynamic Prop Balancing Delivers Smoother Flying.


Vic Syracuse owns and operates Base Leg Aviation out of Mallards Landing Airport (GA04) in Locust Grove, Georgia.  Base Leg Aviation serves the sport aviation community, providing DAR Services in a seven-state area, avionics and instrument panel service, inspections, test flights, ferry flights and other services.

Vic has over 38 years of aviation experience, and he has built 10 award-winning aircraft.  An EAA Technical Counselor, he also writes the monthly “Checkpoints” column for Kitplanes Magazine.  With over 8,000 hours of total time, Vic has a wealth of experience and wisdom to offer his customers.

Dynamic Prop Balancing

Vic purchased a DynaVibe prop balancing system at the Sun ‘n Fun fly-in in April, 2015.  He initially offered dynamic propeller balancing as an adjunct to other services, but balancing work is getting more regular as word gets out.  “I have flown many different airplanes and can really tell a difference in balanced props. There appears to be less cracking around baffles and engine compartment accessories, and passengers and myself seem less fatigued after a flight.”

The DynaVibe purchase followed a demonstration at the fly-in, where Vic saw a DynaVibe representative show how easy the system is to use.  “They were very helpful at the show, carefully answering questions, and making us feel comfortable with the product and support.”

Vic’s customers feel the difference that results from dynamically balancing their props:  “On almost all of the airplanes I have done we have started somewhere around .29 IPS (Inches per Second) and ended up around .06 or less. It is very noticeable to the owner.”

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