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KSFB Aircraft Maintenance Satisfies Customers with Help from DynaVibe

 Tuesday, November 24, 2015

KSFB Aircraft Maintence Center is located in Seminole County, Florida, and is operated by Chris and Lisa Reilly.  Chris is an A&P technician with Inspection Authorization.  He is also a private pilot and aircraft owner.  Included among the many services he provides to his clients is dynamic propeller balancing, which he uses a DynaVibe GX2 to perform. 

Chris recently dynamically balanced a client’s Cozy Mk IV with a Lycoming IO-360 (fuel injected) engine and a Sensenich wooden cruise prop.  His client was pleased with the outcome and sent Chris some feedback email message to share his thoughts:

After finishing the installation of Belleville washers my prop (ask me why), I suspected those huge, new steel lumps under each prop bolt would play havoc with whatever primitive balance I’d achieved during the build, so today I had my local A&P do a dynamic balance.

Can’t believe the results!

First run showed it was a long way from acceptable; 0.6 IPS.

The second run we homed in on a better solution; 0.19 IPS.

3rd run was spot on; 0.01 IPS. Compare that with the scale on the LHS [DynaVibe balancing report] below which calls 0.05 “Excellent”.

The “feel” of the plane, just sitting on the ground in the driver’s seat was remarkably different, too.  I’ll put the cowls back on and fly it at the weekend, but I’m expecting a gross improvement. I’ll report results.

Most engineering exercises are a compromise.  With this result, I drove home with a big smile on my face!

If you haven’t already done this [balance your prop], give yourself a Christmas present!

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