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Oshkosh Observations

Saturday, August 01, 2015

The Airventure 2015 show in Oshkosh ended a week ago.  The show was a great experience for us, and now that we’ve had a week to think about it, we wanted to share a few observations about our time in Oshkosh, what we learned and what made it so great.

Prop Balancing Awareness

Topping the list of what we learned was how many pilots and owners still don’t know what dynamic propeller balancing is, and why it’s important.  Our booth in the Aircraft Spruce pavilion was in a great location, with lots of traffic.  There was a steady stream of Airventure attendees that wandered by our booth, scanned our information, and popped the question:  “what is prop balancing?”  It was a great opportunity for us to educate attendees about dynamic prop balancing, its benefits and of course, promoting the DynaVibe as an easy-to-use, low cost prop balancer.  If you are among those who want to know why balancing is important, check out and share our infographic.

Prop Balancing is Still King

In 2015, we have been working to educate the aviation community about how full-spectrum vibration analysis can help troubleshoot complex vibrations.  The interest in this application of DynaVibe is growing.  We are getting testimonials of owners and mechanics who have wrestled with thorny vibration problems for years that were able to quickly isolate the source of the vibration by using the DynaVibe GX2 for full-spectrum vibration analysis.  That said, prop balancing is still the primary reason why people buy and use DynaVibe.  We think the day will come when vibration analysis will eclipse prop balancing as the primary application for the DynaVibe GX2, but for now, prop balancing is king.

Vibration Tolerance is High

We had a few discussions at our booth that mirror our experience in the field.  When discussing full spectrum vibration analysis as a means to troubleshoot complex vibrations, often the response we’d get was “I don’t need that” or “I don’t have that problem.”  As we continued to describe the common scenarios and symptoms of aircraft vibration, many times the response was “I do have that problem!”  It seems there are more than a few pilots and owners that have vibration problems to which they’ve become immune.  They’ve simply lived with it for so long that they’ve developed a tolerance for it.  Meanwhile, the vibration persists and the damage to engine, instruments or airframes continues to accumulate.

DynaVibe Price and Value

Price is what you pay; value is what you get.  We continued to get validation at Airventure 2015 that DynaVibe delivers great value at a very competitive price.  More than once, we did a demo in our booth for a prospect, who said “I’ll think about it” and wandered off.  Later, they returned, confessing that they had been shopping our competitors who also had a presence at the show.  Most of the time, they acknowledged that DynaVibe’s price performance characteristics brought them back to make a purchase.

Seeing Old Friends

Perhaps the most gratifying part of being at Airventure 2015 was the opportunity to meet with DynaVibe customers and users.  In the 8+ years since DynaVibe was launched, we’ve managed to sell many DynaVibe units.  It is wonderful to have our customers come by our booth to tell us about their experience using DynaVibe to get a smoother, safer flying experience.

It was a great week in Oshkosh.  Thanks to everyone who took the time to visit with us.  We look forward to going to Airventure next year!

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