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Selecting the Right DynaVibe System

Thursday, November 05, 2015

Perhaps you’ve had enough of the vibration that makes flying uncomfortable, or is damaging your airframe, avionics or engine.  Or maybe you want better performance, recapturing horsepower lost to vibration.  Perhaps a friend who has dynamically balanced his or her prop recommended that you do the same.  Whatever the reason, you’re ready to make an investment in a prop balancer, and a Google search has led you here.  Which DynaVibe system is right for you?

RPX Technologies currently offers three models of its DynaVibe propeller balancing system.  Here’s what you need to know about each one in order to choose the one that best addresses your needs.

DynaVibe GX2

The DynaVibe GX2 is the state-of-the-art, flagship solution in the RPX Technologies product line.  This unit comes with two accelerometers, allowing users to dynamically balance propellers while also providing full-spectrum vibration analysis capability.  When prop balancing, the DynaVibe GX2 automatically calculates a recommended weight solution for achieving balance, unlike the DynaVibe Classic.  This feature helps users complete the balancing process faster than is typically possible with the DynaVibe Classic, sometimes in as few as two run-ups. For mechanics, shops, repair stations and service centers where time equals money, this more efficient balancing process is highly desirable.

A more advanced feature of the DynaVibe GX2 is its vibration analysis capability.  When troubleshooting more complex vibrations, those caused by something other than a propeller assembly imbalance, spectral analysis is essential.  It allows users to pinpoint the source, distinguishing between vibrations caused by a combustion issues (e.g. weak cylinder), prop wash induced buffeting, alternator imbalance, and many other sources of vibration.  Instead of wasting time and money on trial-and-error maintenance procedures, the GX2 identifies the vibration source.  The GX2 has a report generation feature to simplify printing or sharing its vibration analysis data.

DynaVibe Classic

The DynaVibe Classic is the original prop balancing system offered by RPX Technologies.  If balancing a propeller or other rotating machinery is the only thing you need to do, the Classic model does an excellent job at the most affordable price.  When it comes to the dynamic balancing process, the main difference between the models is that the Classic does not automatically calculate a weight solution.  The implication is that the user may need a few more run-ups to complete the balancing process.  The DynaVibe Classic does not offer full-spectrum vibration analysis.

DynaVibe Roto

DynaVibe Roto is a version of the DynaVibe Classic with some features specifically for rotorcraft.  This unit comes with two accelerometers, one for lateral vibration and one for vertical vibration.  It also includes an integrated remote control “push-to-talk” switch that can be mounted on the stick for controlling the DynaVibe unit.  The DynaVibe Roto will also dynamically balance propellers on fixed-wing aircraft.


This table provides a quick reference to help select the right DynaVibe system to meet your needs:

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