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Predicted Financial Impact of UAVs in the Billions

Friday, May 20, 2016

In the space of a few years, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) or drones have gone from being in the domain of the military or hobbyists to mainstream.  An article in Business Insider shares data from a PricewaterhousCoopers report predicting that drones could replace billions of dollars of human labor, as the chart from this article shows:

As the chart illustrates, drones are projected to have the biggest commercial impact in the infrastructure and agriculture sectors.  For example, human inspections of wind turbines are costly and potentially dangerous.  SkySpecs, a startup company deploys drones to conduct safe, automated inspections at about half the cost of human inspections.

The RPX Technologies team recently participated in the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) Xponential exhibition, where the interest in dynamic balancing and vibration analysis for drones was high.   It’s easy to understand the reason why:  The commercial use of UAVs almost always involves high quality, high-resolution video or photography, and vibration impairs this application. Furthermore, sustained vibration can lead to failure of airframes, instruments and engines in just the same way it does in sport, general and commercial aviation aircraft.  Commercial drone operators are discovering that DynaVibe helps ensure they are delivering the highest quality services to their clients, while also keeping their fleets at maximum readiness. 

DynaVibe is a dynamic propeller balancing and vibration analyzing system.  Simple to use, it allows UAV owners and operators to quickly measure and resolve propeller vibration.  While vibration dampening mounts and gimbals can help minimize the effects of vibration, the best approach is to eliminate it altogether.  Eliminating vibration is of particular importance with UAVs, because these lighter structure aircraft are more prone to shake from vibration than are larger, heavier aircraft.

The DynaVibe GX2 also allows users to conduct full-spectrum vibration surveys to identify and resolve vibration from sources other than the propeller.  The benefit of dynamically balancing and analyzing the vibration of drones is the smoothest, quietest flight to enable maximum resolution of photography, and highest possible uptime of all flight systems.  To learn more about the benefits of DynaVibe for UAV operations, contact us by phone at 650.800.3092 or by email: sales@rpxtech.com.  Shop in our online store for DynaVibe. Or, simply provide your email address in the form below and we’ll contact you.

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DynaVibe and UAVs

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), or drones as they are commonly known, are subject to the same vibration issues as other propeller-driven aircraft.  An unbalanced prop assembly can create vibrations that damage the engine, airframe instruments and interfere with the mission.

Excessive vibration can interfere with the mission of a UAV, particularly those used for surveillance, reconnaissance, and aerial filming or photography.  Vibration can distort the image.  Vibration dampening camera mounts and gimbals are commonly used in UAVs to deal with this problem, but the ideal solution is to eliminate the source of the vibration.  Balancing the propeller assembly with DynaVibe easily does this, and the DynaVibe Classic provides an affordable solution for UAV operators who need to the highest possible image quality.

For more information about the benefits of dynamically balancing UAV propeller assemblies, contact the DynaVibe team by phone at 650.800.3092 or by email: sales@rpxtech.com.  Visit our online store to shop for DynaVibe, or simply provide your email address in the form below and we’ll contact you.

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