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The Bugatti 100P Flies Again

 Thursday, October 22, 2015

DynaVibe was on hand to support Scotty Wilson's second flight with the Bugatti 100P when he returned to Oklahoma's Spaceport at Burns Flat to continue flight-testing.  The Bugatti needed new props after its historic first flight due to a brake failure on touchdown.  The DynaVibe team joined Scotty to balance the two, new propellers on the Bugatti and continue the flight-testing program for this innovative and historic airplane.

Having previously balanced the Bugatti (click here to learn why dynamically balancing a prop is important) for its inaugural flight, a location for mounting the accelerometer was already determined.  It was quick work to install the DynaVibe accelerometer and phototach on the Bugatti.  Balancing the contra-rotating propellers started with the rear engine / rear propeller.  The initial balancing run revealed that the rear prop required 27 grams of correction weight, which when added, brought the propeller imbalance down to 0.09 Inches Per Second (IPS).  The front propeller was then balanced down to 0.10 IPS by adding 18 grams of weight.  Shortly afterward, the Bugatti successfully took to the air once again.

DynaVibe has balanced the Bugatti 100P, the world-record breaking Anequim, warbirdsReno Air Racing team aircraft, the AN-2, the world’s largest biplane, and it can balance whatever you fly, delivering better performance and a smoother flying experience.  To learn how easy and economical it is to dynamically balance your prop with DynaVibe, enter your email address below, visit the DynaVibe online store, or call:  469.708.8779.

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