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Upgrade your DynaVibe Classic to a GX2!

 Monday, December 07, 2015

If you're a DynaVibe Classic owner, RPX Technologies has a limited-time upgrade offer that can put a new DynaVibe GX2 in your hands.  The GX2 supports two accelerometers for simultaneous data acquisition, providing substantially more diagnostic capabilities than the Classic.  The GX2 is a prop balancer and vibration analyzer, and it is the technology platform into which RPX is building product enhancements. 

Here’s the short list of what you get when you upgrade from a Classic to a GX2:

ü  Automated prop balancing solutions. The Autobalance feature of the GX2 saves time, letting you balance in fewer runs, with increased accuracy and to lower vibration levels. 

ü  Vibration spectrum analysis.  When vibrations are not related to prop imbalance, the advanced diagnostic capabilities of the GX2 let you troubleshoot and pinpoint other, complex vibration sources.

ü  Full color report generation.  Save the reports the GX2 generates for record keeping or to give to customers, a very useful feature for mechanics, shops, repair stations and service centers.  These reports show propeller balance and vibration analysis details as well as customer and aircraft information.

Here is how to upgrade your Classic to a GX2:

1. Visit the RPX Technologies online store and purchase the Classic to GX2 upgrade (scroll to the bottom of the store page to see the offer). The cost is $2,995.  You’ll receive a $1,000 trade-in credit for your Classic. We’ll reuse your photo tachometer, accelerometer, and case, then provide you with a new GX2 system and 2nd accelerometer.

2. After you’ve purchased your GX2 upgrade in the online store, you’ll be contacted by DynaVibe and provided with a Return Authorization Number and shipping instructions.

3. Ship your entire DynaVibe Classic kit back to RPX Technologies per instructions. Once we receive it, we can usually turn your upgrade order around the same day.

All DynaVibe GX2 systems come with NIST certification, so you’ll have a new NIST certificate as well!

If you have any questions about upgrading your DynaVibe Classic to a DynaVibe GX2, just enter your email in the form below, or call us:  469.708.8779.

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