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Video: Vibration Surveys with DynaVibe

 Tuesday, February 23, 2016

There's increasing talk about vibrations surveys - what they are, why and how to do them - for good reason: vibrations damage aircraft. A vibration survey will allow you to pinpoint the source of a vibration so that you don't have to pay for speculative maintenance in an effort to resolve it.  We've written a lot recently in this blog about vibration surveys, and now we've done one better: we can show you the process in our new video!

We set up an RV-12 with a Rotax 912 engine for balancing and vibration surveying with the DynaVibe GX2, our dynamic prop balancer that also has vibration survey capability.  In just over three minutes, the video will show you the process sequence and sensor placement for collecting a vibe survey.  You can watch it here:

If you are new to the concept and practice of vibe surveys, please review some of our older posts that discuss this subject.  Even better, we welcome your inquiries on how and why to perform vibe surveys, and how to interpret the results you're seeing.  Feel free to call us at 650.800.3092, send email to sales@rpxtech.com or simply fill your email address in the form below to have us contact you.  To shop for a DynaVibe system, visit out online store.

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