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Interpreting Vibration Analysis Data

 Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Pilots, aircraft owners, builders and mechanics are increasingly discovering the benefits of vibration analysis as a way to identify and resolve complex vibrations.  Spectral analysis, vibration analysis or vibrations surveys are very helpful in pinpointing the source of an elusive vibration or simply doing engine trend monitoring as a preventative maintenance approach. 

The DynaVibe GX2 is a prop balancer and vibration analyzer.  When you use it to perform vibration analysis, it detects and reports the various vibrations that are affecting an airplane.  For example, DynaVibe might detect a vibration that is occurring once per prop rotation – what is commonly referred to as a 1-per vibration.  There are also half-per, 1.5-per, 2-per and many other vibrations that can occur.  What do these vibrations indicate?

One way to find out what a vibration means is to contact the DynaVibe team.  We’re always happy to help customers understand how to use DynaVibe for spectral analysis and explain the results of a vibration survey.  We have also put together the following vibration table using the excellent material originally published by John Schwaner of Sacramento SkyRanch.  We hope you find it helpful, with the following disclaimer:  this data is for educational purposes only.  If your engine is exhibiting symptoms of vibration, properly rated professionals using diagnostic equipment should check it.

Table of airplane vibration orders with explanations

This table is a good place to start in understanding the cause of vibrations detected through analysis with the DynaVibe GX2.  If you would like to know more about vibration orders and causes, we can help.  Just reach out to us using the contact information or form below.

The DynaVibe GX2 is he most affordable full-spectrum vibration analyzer on the market.  To learn how to use DynaVibe for vibration analysis, enter your email address in the form below to be contacted by a DynaVibe team member.  To purchase a DynaVibe, visit our online store, or simply call:  469.708.8779.

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