Are you having a problem balancing a ship? We are happy to help. The best way to get assistance is to send an email that includes pictures of your setup and a detailed description of your problem to Support requests are routed to several people at RPX that review your problem and reply with recommendations as quickly as possible. Our engineers aren't always by the corporate phone, but they are quickly reachable by email.

Would you like the latest and greatest features? Or did you find a bug in your GX2? Updates are free and easy to install! You can check the version you are currently running by checkin the version number on the spash screen when you turn on your DynaVibe. The newest version is Version 1.13.

Updating to this release is highly recommended!!

  1. Remove the SD card from the DynaVibe GX and plug it into your computer using the SD card adapter that was included with your kit. The SD card should appear as 'DYNAVIBE'
  2. Click on this link to download the update file - DYNAVIBE GX 1.13
  3. Run the ".exe" file. The file is a self extracting zip file.
  4. When prompted to enter the 'Unzip to folder', select BROWSE.
  5. When the 'Unzip to folder' list appears, select the DynaVibe SD card (click once) the click 'OK'
  6. Click the 'Unzip' button to extract the files to the SD card, then close the WinZip window.
  7. Reinstall the SD card in your DynaVibe GX and power it up. You should now see a black progress bar as the GX updates itself automatically.

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